Saturday, March 20, 2010

Under the Greenwood Tree

I recommend this to those who love romantic dramas with a touch of fun and flirting. It was a nice surprise period piece. I'm glad Netflix had this available to instantly stream so I could view it first before buying, which I did a few days after I watched it.

I've never read the book, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The chemistry between Keeley Hawes and James Murray was evident from the beginning, and their romantic scenes were more than satisfying. I especially loved their second kiss in the woods when, right after it happens and before it continues, Dick Dewey (Murray) says to Fancy Day (Hawes), "I knew you felt the same, Fancy. I knew it. I tasted it on your lips the first time I kissed you." I mean, come on, that is hot! I'd want to kiss him again, too! You just don't hear lines like that anymore. And what is even hotter is the scene in the river with a half-naked James Murray. Now I know he's a little scrawny, but the faint ab lines and the wet bod are plenty tasty eye candy for me.

Aside from all that hot stuff, I enjoyed the classic struggle Fancy was faced with, choosing love or choosing to be loyal to her father. It's fun to watch all the tension and the misunderstandings unfold as the end of the story draws nearer.

This really was a great BBC classic, and the quality of the picture is very comfortable to watch. It's not fuzzy or furry like some of their older productions. The sound is of good quality, and the costumes were well-executed as well as the setting and props.

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