Saturday, March 20, 2010


Aw, I loved this movie. It was fun, funny, romantic and so sweet. Audrey Tautou is one of my favorite foreign film stars, and Gad Elmaleh is on my list now, too. He reminds me of Aidan Quinn...similar facial features and huge blue eyes. I'm a totally smitten kitten with him and his character in this movie, Jean. How can you not like a guy who's a hopeless romantic willing to do anything and pay anything to win over the woman he loves no matter how many times she rejects him? Especially one with his charm and boyish grin. He does a good job of feigning love on screen. I had to rewind a few times to read the subtitles because I was busy watching him watch Tautou's character.

This French love affair is perfect for a girls' night in or if you're just in a feel-good mood. Reminds me a little of French Kiss and Heartbreakers mixed together. I think I'm going to buy it. Heather, you should watch it with me when I get it. It's just oh so sweet!

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