Monday, March 29, 2010


I definitely did not expect what I got with this film. It was so much freakier than I imagined, and the twists in the plot were really good ones. I figured out what the first major plot twist was before it was revealed, but I couldn't be sure I was correct about it until everything actually I wouldn't say that this movie was predictable.

I like sci-fi thrillers, and this fits that category perfectly. Ben Foster was super as the character Bower. I'm glad he got to be a good lead. I haven't seen him play a decent character in a while. The other minor characters are good, too, but they were kind of forgettable after the movie was over. Dennis Quaid was adequate in his role.

The special effects were fantastic, and the monsters were extra creepy-looking with their fast walking and jerky movements. The first instant I saw the enemy monsters, I thought the movie might turn sour and go downhill from there, but it only got better and more intense. I was on the edge of my seat at times, and I was glad to be. I didn't expect that from the previews. The ending was satisfactory, and I'd definitely watch this again.

Bluray quality was excellent!

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