Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Duchess

Marriage was complicated way back when. I feel horrible for Georgiana. I think she should have just kept her mouth shut about her love for Charles and maybe she could have just had him as her secret lover. But she was a good woman who wanted to be open and honest and do the right thing, so I understand why she tried to make a deal with the Duke.

I would have been pissed if my new BFF betrayed me the way Bess did G. And helped trap her in a life of misery. To be forced to live with your husband and his mistress and her bastard kids for the rest of your life = major depression.

I like Ralph Fiennes, and he acted very well in the role of the Duke, but the Duke was a selfish ass. Way to go, G, for trying to stand up for yourself even though it didn't work out the way you wanted in the end.

Good movie. Beautiful costumes and settings. DVD extras about the real Duchess and about costume design were pretty good but quite short.

Definitely recommended to period film buffs.

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