Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mamma Mia

I loved all the songs, and they fit in with the plot. I knew most of the songs since I have the Erasure ABBA-esque album which covers a lot of the ones that were featured. Definitely an upeat, fun-filled movie. I thought it could have flowed a bit better, and I had a hard time getting over how much older Meryl Streep seemed to be compared to the three men with whom she had affairs. Colin Firth was my favorite man, of course, but I was surprised when his character turned out to be gay. I don't think that was played out well. The daughter was good but a bit annoying at times. Everyone did a good job singing, but that could have been better, too. I felt like the movie was a bit rushed to fit all the songs in even though it was pretty long. The ending was good, and I liked the concert with costumes at the end. Nice touch. Overall, I'd recommend it.

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