Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saw V

Wow. John is dead and his work still carries on. This installment was even better than Saw IV. The mind games keep going, and more flashbacks reveal to us how most of the first few movies' games came together. And the game in this movie is pretty clever...I like how the video clips always tell the players just what they need to know but yet the players never seem to follow instructions or understand the clues correctly. Every time I watch these movies, I'm shocked to realize that Jigsaw actually does give everyone a real chance at survival. I know he says he does, but when the game is over or figured out, and I realize how it works, it just baffles me. It's great.

I will say the opening scene was terribly disgusting and made me want to puke, but that is to be expected with the Saw series. The ending was good and thrilling, and I kind of saw what was coming. It was crazy, and if the lsat player had just listened to the tape...well...you know.

I am ready for Saw VI now.

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