Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

I loved the first Sisterhood movie, and this one was even better. The girls are growing up and in college; each is finding their own way as adults. There are a few romances, some heartache and also a bit of family drama again. I like the fact that the girls experienced some tension with each other and had to kind of rekindle their group relationship. My favorite story line was probably Lena's because she has the most romantic experiences which I'm a sucker for, and Tibby's was the runner up. There is so much dimension to Tibby, and she adds a lot of good humor to the movie.

My favorite part was when all four girls are in Greece searching for the pants, and the ending there was really strong. Of course, you're left wondering if there will be a third installment. I certainly hope so.

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HD said...

Redboxed this the other night! So cute. Girls even older ones should watch this. I like it b/c it's girly but not so high schoolish. Guys won't like it at all, but it's good for the ladies.