Monday, January 19, 2009


Not your typical Superhero movie. Hancock was definitely a surprise, and I liked it overall. It's basically about an under-appreciated and unloved God of a man who does what he can to help the citizens of Los Angeles, but he doesn't care about taking credit or paying the price for the damage he's done to the city while saving it as he's half drunk. He's got amnesia and doesn't really know or care about who he is. That's what we are supposed to think until his new PR Agent comes along. Things just get better from there after Hancock meets the guy's wife and discovers something about his forgotten past. I like that this movie doesn't stem from a comic book series or follow the traditional superhero flick outline. It was funny and tender, and the CGI effects were outstanding.

The ending was only OK, but it was sweet and strong enough for the movie. It held up to the rest of the film. Good entertainment.

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