Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It started out strong, and the mirrors freaked me out in the beginning. Reflections aren't always what they seem. I would certainly check myself in to a looney bin if my reflection tried to kill me or if I saw what Keifer Sutherland saw in that weird Mayflower building. But, actually, I wouldn't be a night guard for some old rundown building with creepy mannequins in the first place. Who would want that job?! Anyway, the story had promise but got too creepy too fast and didn't develop enough, and Kiefer's character was all crazy way too quickly in my opinion. I lost interest just when things got horrific and the mirrors started taking over. There didn't seem to be a point. I didn't understand the old lady being crazy and the mirrors needing her...for what? And the end was stupid with the guy ending up in a mirror image world. I didn't get it. I fell asleep for half of it to be honest. I would rate it as lame overall.

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