Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D

First of all, it was nice to see Kerr Smith in something new, and he was good in it, too. I haven't seen him in anything since the Dawson's Creek days. Nice job, Kerr.

My little sister and I went to see a matinee showing of this, and I'm so glad because it's definitely not worth the full ticket price in the evening...especially since you have to pay an extra $2.50 for the 3D glasses. It was an entertaining thrill ride, though. I don't think MBV was horrifying or scary, but it was definitely suspenseful and riddled with awesome 3D blood-spattering effects. Some of the scenes are jaw-dropping, literally. Yes, the gore is fake, but seeing someone get an axe in the face, even if it isn't real, definitely churns the contents of the stomach a bit.

The film features a few minutes of full frontal female nudity, but it wasn't over the top nasty or anything. It was actually kind of funny. And you know once someone gets naked in a slasher film, they're going to die. It was totally predictable, as was most of the movie, but the ending was definitely not foreseeable. There was a super twist when the killer's identity was finally revealed. It was a great surprise ending, and there was a cliffhanger to get us ready for the next MBV installment which will hopefully be released in 3D, too.

I'd recommend this for the entertainment value, but don't expect to have nightmares or be terrified by what you see. And see this in the theater because watching 3D on a DVD is not that great.

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