Saturday, January 19, 2008


Babel focuses on the theme of universal pain and hope, and I think it was well done, even with the entire thing kind of out of sequence . A little too real and frustrating at times, but that is what made it so good. I cried at the end and a lot. I sat there with my tear-stained, mascara-smeared face and was surprised at my outburst of emotions. It was just so powerful and wonderfully moving...or maybe I just get too into movies. Anyway, I highly recommend it.


HD said...

You always cry in movies. hehe

Angel said...

I know, but I REALLY cried with this one. I mean, it wasn't like boohoo-he-loves-her-and-they-are-together-tears. These were like I-totally-feel-like-I-understand-life-on-a-deeper-level-tears. Yup. I'm deep, what can I tell ya?!