Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Suburban Girl

This is an adaptation of Melissa Bank's best-seller, The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing, starring the lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar and the very handsome, older Alec Baldwin. And Alec Baldwin may play a 50-year old, womanizing editor in this film, but he's still so sexy that I know I wouldn't be able to resist if he asked to proofread my sentences.

I thought it was very sweet. It was different (in a good way) from the rest of the chick flicks out there, and, believe it or not, I actually didn't cry my eyes out for once. Amazing, I know, considering what happens at the end.

I haven't read the book it's based on, but I've heard good things from Heather, and judging from some reviews I've read of the book, the movie is not as complex and leaves out a good bit of the lead character's stories. I have it on my "To read" list for now.

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