Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stranger Than Fiction

Sweet and interesting. I like how it demonstrates that everything is connected and serves a purpose; everything in our lives shapes us, makes us who we are and affects what we do every minute of every day. And Will Ferrell is the definition of a true hero in this movie, and it was so great to see him play a different sort of character, one that's not so outrageous and ridiculous but more humble and innocent. I actually loved the whole cast, and I couldn't imagine a different ensemble of actors for this film. Good cast, really good movie! Watch it.


HD said...

I don't remember much about this movie since I saw it forever ago, but I did remember it was really sad. Good, but sad. The commercials made it look alot funnier than it was so I was expecting something different. I think I would have liked it better if I hadn't seen any commercials ahead of time.

Patti Pancake said...

I LOVE it when Will Ferrell's character brings Maggie Gyllenhaal's character "flowers." Wish somebody would do that for me. ;) A lot of it is about death so it is sad, but definitely worth seeing.

Angel said...

Awww. That was very sweet...and original.

Christy in K-town. said...

Hey, did no one else here pick up the whole "God" thing? After I slept on it, I realized next morning that the author was portrayed as God, shaping the character's life by writing his "story" and at the end, does the character get FATE or CHOICE? Well, Tom and I decided that if you "talk to God" and are "right w/God" then the likelihood of getting to "choose your own adventure" is probable. Based on this movie anyway. So yeah. We liked it. I LOVE "the big picture" movies.

Angel said...

Good point, Christy!

Lots of symbolism:
She knows all his actions, she created him, she writes in a serene white room which is almost a heavenly atmosphere, no one can get in touch with her but she is an icon whose work everyone praises, and she decides the fate of her characters...etc.

Oh, wow, I just thought of a bunch more crap in my head with the counting and the time and numbers and all that stuff...but it's too much to talk about on here. I'll just talk to you about it all later. Wow!

I need to watch that movie again!

Anonymous said...

I didn't really care for this movie a whole lot. I thought it dragged on forever and ever. I like Will Ferrell too and this wasn't one of my favorites by any means.