Sunday, January 20, 2008

Children of Men

My stomach was in knots the whole time (even with hottie Clive Owen playing the lead-you would think I'd be calm at the sight of his smoldering sexiness). I felt so disturbed (and relieved) by the end of this movie. There was so much blood and violence. It's like man-against-man the whole time. It was just hard for me to watch at times, and it's so eerily and disgustingly alarming to think about the things in this movie possibly becoming reality. It's a little far out there to me, but I suppose it could happen.

It's 2027 and the whole world is crap, basically, and Britain is the only decent place left, aside from a secret location where "The Human Project" takes place. No one has had a child in over 18 years because all the women alive are apparently infertile. The main character, Theo, gets asked by his ex to escort a pregnant woman to safety. The entire time I was thinking yeah right, with bullets flying everywhere!

This movie made me ache and quiver with nervousness. I could probably watch it again and be OK since I've prepared myself with a preview of the WHOLE THING. Ha. Ha. I think the lightest thing about the film was watching Michael Caine ask people to pull his finger, but you know what happens when you play that game.

Oh! Oh! I forgot! If you do decide to venture into Children of Men, just know that you will get to see a child of man be born. Yep! A live birth. Oooohhhhnnnnoooo!! Ugh! Yuck! It wasn't really real. Watch the extras to see how it was done. Pretty impressive graphics but still pretty gross. I know, I know, it's beautiful, but I'm sorry, every time I see it I think the same thing, giving birth is NASTY. OK. I'm done.


pb&j said...

i've got your birth right here, ho! blub -ol'r sis

pb&j said...

the movie was well done

Angel said...

Oh yeah, the movie was very well done (I would see it again), but I still had a twisted stomach the whole time. You can keep your birth, thanks!