Monday, January 7, 2008

Bread and Tulips a.k.a. Pane e Tulipani

So I was looking for movie recommendations this past Saturday as I was browsing online at I figured that if I found some reviewers who had good things to say of movies that I like, those reviewers might have similar taste in entertainment. I came across a good review of Under The Tuscan Sun, which I absolutely love, and Bread & Tulips was listed as a suggestion. Then I read a review of it, and it sounded like what I was in the mood for so I headed over to Blockbuster with my free rental coupon and checked it out. My method worked.

Bread & Tulips is an Italian film about one woman's accidental holiday that completely changes her life for the better.

I really enjoyed this movie; it was interesting to see the character's journeys to a foreign place and within herself. Light-hearted and funny, a good romantic comedy. I'd watch it again.

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