Saturday, January 5, 2008

Paris, je t'aime

This was a neat project. It's a collection of twenty mini movies that last between five to ten minutes each. They are all set in different arrondissements (I suppose that is means neighborhoods or quarters) of Paris, and each one is done by a different renowned director(s). A caption introduction with the name of the arrondissement and director is placed in the corner of the screen at the beginning of each film.

I had to look these up to get the names right. I enjoyed the following featurettes:

-Sylvain Chomet's "Tour Eiffel," which is the story of two mimes who find love.
-Richard LaGravanese's "Pigalle," starring Bob Hoskins as a man who tries to spice things up in his marriage with the help of a prostitute.
-"Tuileries," from Joel and Ethan Coen which shows Steve Buscemi as a tourist trying to tour by the guidebook.
-"Quartier de la Madeleine," a vampire tale from Vincenzo Natali starring Elijah Wood as a tourist who meets an "other-worldly" fate.
-Wes Craven's "Pere-Lachaise," with Rufus Sewell (love him) as an engaged man who takes advice on love from the spirit of Oscar Wilde played by Alex Payne.
-Alexander Payne's "14th Arrondissement," the story of a postal worker, Margo Martindale, as she narrates her visit to Paris.

All of them are really good, and the depressing ones don't get you down for too long because they are mixed in with all the upbeat ones. Of all those, the last one is my absolute favorite. I cried happy tears (surprise-I know!) along with the postal worker. Her story made the whole thing just come together in such a beautiful way! I think it brought the point across perfectly and makes me want to fall in love with Paris, too. Maybe one day I'll make it there and have the chance to tell Paris, je t'aime!

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